new inspiration

i recently found these two new artists - stanford kay - i love his stacks of books - using bold strokes and colours to create almost abstract paintings.

and this painting by anthony cudahy grabbed me straight away. i love how there are large flat areas without details and there are also areas with more detail - like the hands..


hila said...

I haven't heard of these artists, but I do like these images - I should check them out.

lisa s said...

hi julie ! so great to see you inspired. how are the new paints?????

thea said...

ooh yes very striking!



eastwitching said...

Love Cudahy's painting - very unusual - it tells me a story I think I understand in my head - wonderful - thanks for sharing him. Alison

eastwitching said...

Hi julie

Glad the puck shoes caught you reye - they are wild aren't they! Alison