new year, new paints

wishing you all a very happy, healthy and creative 2011!

i wish for this year to be one of peace, optimism, laughter and good health.
in my head i have a fairly long list of resolutions for this year. among them - a return to making art regularly and more contact with my very missed blog friends.
new paints (i have never worked with watercolours before) and new projects and lots of plans to put into action. 

im looking forward to unwrapping each individual colour and getting out my watercolour paper. watercolours seem to be a relaxing medium as opposed to energetic oil paint.
A little amateur painting in water-color shows the innocent and quiet mind. Robert Louis Stevenson 

i love to see louises delicate watercolour beauties, anna emilias stunning work and geninnes gorgeous artworks. i usually crave the heavier and more forgiving acrylics or oils so we will see what comes of this venture.


hila said...

I love watching my mother test new paints, it looks like so much fun.

Happy new year once again!

Uschi said...

Are you exited??
I would be!
Watercolour-paintings are like playing with light for me!
Your examples show that you seem to be more on the illustrators way.
Doe you know her:
Let me know what you think, I love her pictures so much!
I wish you a wonderful wonderful year!


Cally said...

Speedy Gonzalez...Hey there Julie, how on earth did you get to me before I got to you?! Impressive. I was working my way through my sidebar links to let people know of my small posting miracle and should have reached you by midnight, but of course, as I went into each loved and missed blog I obviously couldn't help starting to read the 3 am I was half blind and my neck had frozen solid at a weird angle on the pillow so I had to stop. But then I wake up to make myself finish the list and here I find you have reached me first. Very impressive.

I love your story of being taught to knit by your own child. Must feel so different to you both. I remember how proud I felt teaching my mother how to make scones properly when I was about 8 (if only she'd paid attention, we still endured years of concrete outers and soggy inners).

And the columbarium photo's, I alsways love holes, nooks, crannies but my thrilled happiness became very vocal when I saw the photo that gives scale - WOW!!!

So lady, you've turned a certain age and I hope the reality of it is much better than the dread it envokes in younger years. I'm actually quite ok with it now. It symbolises a psychological release from the weight of all the things I 'had' to do before I was 40. If they've not been done I feel like I can shed them like an old skin. Maybe I was never destined to have kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, a gallery, and an earth sheltered eco home. Maybe I WAS meant to live in a mobile home and turn it's concrete parking and patios into flowers and vegetables and homes for wildlife. Maybe that's enough. It's more than many people have, I need to count my blessings and head into this New Year and my 40's witha bit less pressure to live the life I dreamt of. Dreams are dreams eh, not deadlines, not chores, just a little something to nudge us in certain directions where possible.

Goodness, I should have written that on my blog instead of the ramble I put in (have forgotten how to even post, had to send it about 6 times to get it right).

I'm so glad you are still creating, still blogging (I must update your link on my site) and still seeing the world in the lovely way you do. I think of you often (still have the photo of you in my friends and family folder).

Eek, I swore I wouldn't do big long rambling individual emails, that sort of activity is what gets me in trouble energy-wise, but it's so FUN to really respond one to one.

Happy New Year dear Julie, thanks for the warm sunny shots of Tel Aviv, they have brightened my day immeasurably. Love Cally xxx