from inside out

I am really enjoying seeing how the 'mould' of the concrete wall is constructed... from inside out. The boxes are really beautiful in their cleanness of form and then i remember they are a means to an end.

so far..



new skies





new york

saving my thoughts for later...

this time next week

i will be in new york! my first time in the US and after Sandys visit. i cannot believe it.

i am feeling nervous .. about leaving the girls (although they will be in good hands), about leaving hubby (i will prepare lots of lists) and about arriving after sandy.

i hope all of you over there are safe and well.

happy new year!

another long break and I know no-one is visiting over here anymore but i have missed it...
a month and a half ago we packed up and left the suburbian city and moved to a small community on top of a mountain! a new chapter in our life.. one full of new friends, a different way of life and new adventures...

we are renting a house while we build our home and we have a garden which is new to us.


this is where we will be building... a little to the right
we really hope we get to keep the view and the houses in front of us are not built too high. 

what year awaits us?

shana tova


just seems to get in the way of blog posts!! and i am thinking i may be part bear as i really do like to hibernate during the winter months. with spring around the corner there is a re-awakening of all the senses.

spring is so short here but i like to grab it by the horns and make the most of each perfect sunny, not-too-hot day.





we are busy busy making plans for the new house... and after 20 odd years i am re-reading The Poetics of Space.

so much going on and so little time. but life is good. x


2012 has begun with lots of rain, a blessing, which im hoping, is a sign for the year to come.

life at the moment is full to the brim with planning our house build, taking driving lessons, our girls and a few others things... its feels good to be busy and the weekends are well spent relaxing and spending time with friends and family.


i hope that 2012 passes a little less quickly than the past years. i hope it keeps everyone in good health and brings with it some much needed peace. happy new year to you all xx


we bought this beautiful, old menorah in the flea market just in time to light the first candle tomorrow evening. 
it can be used with both oil and candles and is hung on the wall. i love the handmade feel and simple, decorative design. it will look great on the wall all year round.

being treated

when hubbie took the girls to visit family on saturday it finally gave me some time to paint!
i was so happy for some quiet time to make some ideas concrete. i know where im going now!
so happy.

we treated ourselves to a coffee machine. it is a life changer. unfortunately we did not meet george clooney when going to stock up on the gorgeous little capsules but i do enjoy choosing different flavours to suit my mood in the mornings.

have a great week.

weekend walk

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