2012 has begun with lots of rain, a blessing, which im hoping, is a sign for the year to come.

life at the moment is full to the brim with planning our house build, taking driving lessons, our girls and a few others things... its feels good to be busy and the weekends are well spent relaxing and spending time with friends and family.


i hope that 2012 passes a little less quickly than the past years. i hope it keeps everyone in good health and brings with it some much needed peace. happy new year to you all xx


Diane said...

The year has already started going to fast. I hope it will slow down and not be so hard.

last day of may said...

julie where have the past few months gone? march already and so i thought i'd stop by and say i gave you an award over on my blog this week...dipping my toe back into some posts. a few q+a if you'd like to join in. hope you have lovely sunshine there. are you all well and busy and enjoying a healthy happy 2012? much love xXx