being treated

when hubbie took the girls to visit family on saturday it finally gave me some time to paint!
i was so happy for some quiet time to make some ideas concrete. i know where im going now!
so happy.

we treated ourselves to a coffee machine. it is a life changer. unfortunately we did not meet george clooney when going to stock up on the gorgeous little capsules but i do enjoy choosing different flavours to suit my mood in the mornings.

have a great week.


hila said...

haha, george clooney should come as an accessory to the coffee :)

Louise said...

Isn't it a brilliant feeling when you know where your work is going. Very happy for you on the concrete ideas and also the new coffee machine, albeit without George. xolj

Cally said...

Beautiful painting, I love the use of the space and, of course, I love the colours.

I can't be trusted with coffee but if I still drank it I'd have coffee envy about your new machine.

puppetvector said...

that is really cool! what types of water color do you use, u use water color, right? :)