since winter really began a couple of months ago we have preferred to spend our weekends at home.
after the tiring week, saturdays have become a welcome day of rest. a true family day. 

we enjoy a late breakfast which sometimes merges into lunch. 
we like to bake together (a little problematic with the fitness program we have set ourselves but we keep it only on the weekends..)

yesterday we made focaccia with mozarella and rosemary and homemade pesto.

i have been painting with the girls drawing or painting around the table.
we like to watch a film together or play a family game.

i think its important to end the weekend calmly before beginning another week.

happy weekend to you all. our week has already begun.


Uschi said...

Julie, this sounds good and refreshing! "Moving" the body is not the only thing....soul food is so important, too!

hila said...

from the glimpse I can see of what you painted there, it looks just beautiful, I really like the blend of colours. And thanks for the compliment on my writing - I feel the same about your art.

louise said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend to me. Hope you have a great week. xolj

Cally said...

You are so good at making memories for your family. I know that days like that would have stayed in my mind forever and it's lovely when food is involved because it will trigger those happy associations for decades.

Now you've made me hungry! Sainsbury's do a delicious wheat free focaccia and I love to make little pizzas with it.

Rachel said...

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Admin said...

thanks to share

Cally said...

Just popping by to see what you've been up to but you must be busy. Hope all well and that you are just busy with making, walking, eating, living.