means dovecote in greek. we recently visited another one of these caves.

'Dozens of small niches of various sizes, ranging in depth from 15 to 25cm, were carved into the walls of the columbarium. Scholars believed that doves were raised in these niches for food and to use their dung as fertilizer.
The raising of doves was apparently a significant part of the economy of the Judean lowlands during the Hellenistic and Roman periods.'

i just love them and their sculptural quality. the beautiful carvings create amazingly accurate patterns.

i am really craving creating some sculptural work right now. i miss clay.


Uschi said...

You're right!
This looks amazing and of high aesthetics!
Over here where we live doves are called "the race-horse of the small men"(carrier-pigeons)...and the dovecotes they live in often are simple and very messy.
I like it a lot if form and function go so well together!

Smily wave!!

louise said...

Oh how beautiful! xo lj