so long...

no, im not saying farewell... i mean - its been so long. you know how it is. life just takes over. there were the summer holidays, then new year, then, well it goes on and im shocked when i realise how things are happening so fast.

hili trying out her new shoes

hili turned one on october 13th! ONE! what a crazy fast year. She has grown into an adorable little energy ball. she never stops. she has been walking since she was nine months old. she beat the ten month record of her sisters. and she keeps on going. i had forgotten what its like having to move the whole apartment up high.. until theres nowhere higher to go. oh, and she has started dancing!

so thats where ive been.

i hope you are all well.


kelly said...

welcoming you back with open arms! much happening there and all so adorable. hili is so full of beans by the looks of it. we are currently rearranging the house day to day as elsa reaches more things too! it's lovely to see your family all busy and happy.

hugs XxX

lisa s said...

awww. happy birthday big girl!!!!!!!!

nice to see you here!

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh, I missed these photos! And I missed Hili's birthday :( Happy Birthday gorgeous Hili. Your girls are all so beautiful.