yesterday we made a trip to tel aviv. outside one of the cinemas (an old haunt) i saw this movie poster. the new mike leigh film, 'another year'. it seems so fitting. mike leigh is one of my favourite film directors. the tree... and the title.. i am coming to the end of my 39th year..

after much thought (and a little depression) i have decided that its going to be the beginning of something wonderful. i had big dreams when i was 20. some of them have come true and some have changed into new dreams :).  and hopefully there will be some more action over here in the coming year/s.

i am so thankful (happy thianksgiving to you in the us!!) for everything that i have - my beautiful girls and husband, health and happiness.

to fellow Sagittarians  - heres to another year! x


kelly said...

happy birthday my friend!
(that poster really is so you)
your vision for the time ahead is perfect and i know it will bring you more treasures to be thankful for.
much love to you and yours XxxxX

lisa s said...

happy happy birthday to you sweet julie. i hope the next 40 birthdays are as exciting as the first 40 ! :D

marina said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! I've enjoyed to read your blog.
I'm turning 40 this year too, and I think it's perfect age! Time for dreams - new and old, and time for make them come true!

Uschi said...

Finally grown-up! :)
Happy happy Birthday!
And truely: I felt grown-up for the first time in the middle of my thirties.

Did you get one of the posters?
It is beautiful and I can see the connection...even in the artwork of the poster.

Lots of love!

hila said...

I miss tel aviv, I miss Israel!