just seems to get in the way of blog posts!! and i am thinking i may be part bear as i really do like to hibernate during the winter months. with spring around the corner there is a re-awakening of all the senses.

spring is so short here but i like to grab it by the horns and make the most of each perfect sunny, not-too-hot day.





we are busy busy making plans for the new house... and after 20 odd years i am re-reading The Poetics of Space.

so much going on and so little time. but life is good. x


shari said...

so glad you posted this update! your girls are so beautiful. i'm glad things are going well for you julie.

Handmade in Israel said...

Your girls look gorgeous, as does the cake. Thank you for our delicious Puruim goodies.
Where are the fish?

louise said...

Glad to hear life is treating you well. Best of luck with the new house, sounds exciting to me. xolj

Mexico said...

Cool blog I love all the pictures, are you a artist? Lol. Great site!