recent projects

as part of our summer schedule with the girls we included a craft day every week - this went along with baking day, culture day and pool days! I think this made for quite a successful 'homemade' summer camp.

the above tree which stands in ella and hilis room is a tree trunk i found on the side of the road. we cut it down to make it just fit from floor to ceiling. the girls then sanded, primed and painted the colourful stripes. we stuck some ribbons on and tied on a few bits from my sewing box. at the top where there are a few short branches we hung all all sorts of pretty things.

i also had a couple of my own projects that i wanted to finish - we recieved a small wooden bed from our neighbours after their daughter had outgrown it. I decided to shorten the sides to make it into a plant stand. i painted over the lilac colour with a nice grey and my plants seem to be happy in their new home.

have i ever mentioned my obsession with mangoes..? well, along with my other interest of growing things i planted a mango seed. the idea is that we may have a tree to plant in our garden to be!

we are also making our own vanilla essence. i loved seeing how the vodka turned a dark brown from the pods inside.


Handmade in Israel said...

I love that tree!!! I want to come and see it! Love your plant stand too. What mango 'seed' did you plant? Do you mean you planted the whole stone from inside the fruit? Please share :)

hila said...

so many things you're making and growing! I share your mango obsession.

gracia said...

I love these projects shared... and the shortened legs on the bed is particularly brilliant. I am looking forward to pottering about in own garden tomorrow. Spring! I'm ready for it!

be well, g xo

Emma said...

Ik really like your plant stand!

Cally said...

I want to come and do craft day too! Absolutely love that colourful tree branch. looks fantastic, and all the other crafts and makings are good too - that planter is extremely stylish.

Jenn M said...

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