end of summer

we have been enjoying some fun family days out before the start of school this thursday. despite the killer heat we had a fabulous time together and i shall miss the holiday freedom.


i hope irene doesnt visit any of you out there. stay safe.


Cally said...

Lovely shots, the girls look SO happy.
I especially love the dappling of the sunlight mimicking the markings of the tortoise shell. Enjoy some much needed rest and build up some energy for the house, you'll need it, but I'm sure it will be truly worth it.

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh wow! You're blogging again! Lovely, lovely photos.

hila said...

these photos remind me of my childhood :)

gracia said...

Your summer days looks great... and I wish you all the best with the big build. To build your own home! Oh!