jerusalem/tel aviv

last thursday we took a family day and went to jerusalem. we are tel aviv-ians by heart and dont know jerusalem too well even though we live half an hour from each city.

both cities are worlds apart from each other.
we began with a visit to the science museum. the girls loved it with lots of buttons to press and levers to pull. its funny how us grown-ups cant resist those red buttons as well.

after an enjoyable morning, we went to mahaneh yehuda market - another first for us. it was crowded with people shopping for the weekend. we found an amazing little shop full of wonderful cheeses. and like the little red buttons, we couldnt resist. we made a note to return to this gem of a shop.

a major difference between tel aviv and jerusalem is the architecture. all the buildings in jerusalem are faced with jerusalem stone. the facades have such a different feel to them.

after a wonderful day out, we have decided to make 'family day' a new tradition for us. every couple of months we will take a day off work and school just for us.

and with a connection to tel aviv architecture.. a few weeks ago i was asked to create an illustration for a booklet for large library in tel aviv.

happy tuesday x


louise said...

Congratulations on the illustration and hurrah for family days, they sound wonderful.

lisa s said...

sounds like a great tradition you are starting...

your illustration looks great
[and i LOVE that balcony]

Uschi said...

i would love to hear these trees...under this summer-ish sky.
It sounds like starting a wonderful, worthy days...
we're just re-discovering them (at the age of 20:))
Your illustration is brilliant!
I hope you're able to stay in touch with your creativity while working now!
A big hug!!

babelfish said...

I love how families set up their own traditions, so wonderful. Love your illustration, congratulations!

Avital said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Basher's cheese shop is a great place. It's so easy to spend a lot of money there.

About the Jerusalem stone, yes, it's still a municipal regulation, but a friend tells me that there is a permit that one can apply for to build with another material. To his knowledge, the permit has never been granted! So we still have white buildings everywhere. I really visiting Tel Aviv because of the colour. One gets tired of all that white.

Avital said...

P.S. Congrats on the library illustration. It's very nice.