back to work

oh my gosh, i cannot believe how the time has flown by. my maternity leave has come to an end and i start back at work next week. hili is 3 months old already! the nights lately have been a little hard but what can you do after exhausted from little sleep and then she smiles her beautiful smile at 3.00am. my heart melts every time :).
i have also been busy painting these last weeks and will really miss my routine of coffee and acrylics. i hope to show you what i have been doing soon.
i hope that 2010 has got off to a good start for you all. i am looking forward to some new adventures.


Handmade in Israel said...

Oh, lovely little Hili! Tell her to behave at night :) We never did make that morning coffe but I'll get you out one evening soon...
Good luck back at work.

gracia said...

Three months old... already? I like your description of her early morning smile that melts your heart.


lisa s said...

can't wait to see your paintings!

and look at the little darling!

Uschi said...

O these eyes!
Looking deep deep inside you!
It's amazing how this engraves forever into our heart!

babelfish said...

aww haven't she grown? so adorable and such perfect eyes.x