green love

its seems in our small suburban corner of this world we have a small place of beauty. an ecological farm. i find it quite hard to see its connection with the city where little notice or care is taken when it comes to environmental issues. a big dream of mine is to build or convert a 'green' home in a place of nature. i really hope to fulfil this dream one day. in the meantime, we do our small bit and recycle as much as possible. we teach the girls how important it is to look after our surroundings and care for nature and try and take it into the classroom and nursery as much as possible.

rami is starting to work as a leader in the farm with groups of children. it is part-time work but how wonderful to be part of this special place. yesterday he gave me a private tour... i came out of there also wanting to be a part of it.

meetings and discussions take place under the shade of this beautiful tree

young people live in this pod-like constructions as part of a project called eco-israel

also.. while waiting for our little one to arrive, our big one celebrated her 7th birthday!!

belated birthday wishes to you my darling shelly xxxxxx (two libran babes??)

happy tuesday xxx


Uschi said...

Oh! Hello!...and I already wondered, if little one would have been arrived :)
The farm looks wonderful...peaceful... and in my opinion there is already a lot of art around.All the woven nets...
Perhaps there really could be a possibility for you both to join in.
All my besz wishes forthe next...days?...weeks?

babelfish said...

What a wonderful farm, I love all the little details (the first pic is fab, must be cool to live there). Happy belated birthday to beautiful Shelly.

lisa s said...

what a great farm...

and you know i love libras :)

louise said...

Looks great, oh and happy birthday Shelly and best of luck with the baby count down.

gracia said...

I hope you get to put that dream of yours into action, J, for it sounds wonderful.

All the best with every little & big thing... xo