happy new year

i have noticed how the light in the mornings has changed. the warm morning sun rises slowly and washes over the city creating a calm beginning to the day. i love this. there is a feel of autumn on the way.

today a new year begins. the harsh summer has ended and we begin anew. i love this time of year. full of optimism. the change is so obvious. on my way home from taking the girls to school the smell of chicken soup in the air was so strong :) ... everyone busy like bees preparing for another year.

~i wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year. full of happy surprises and making dreams come true!~

thank you for your lovely messages in the last post.. xxxx


kelly said...

happy new year julie!

wishing you and your lovely family every happiness together through this new beginning. we are experiencing the first signs of autumn here too and i have to agree that the changes hold the same special feeling for me.

hugs Xx

lisa s said...

i've been noticing the light shift too...

happy new year to you julie...

babelfish said...

Happy new year to you and your family, such beautiful sunrise.

Uschi said...

Happy happy happy new year, my dear!
I always think that these flocks of birds, connecting and flying up and reconnecting, swinging on the strings, express such an ease and so much joy!


gracia said...

Here's to a new year! Here's to noticing the light shift. Here's to all the big and small things noticed.

g xo

(I am a little late with my New Year wishes, but the sentiment is still the same.)