a gift of sunshine..

for some friends out there..

i have never experienced such a mild winter... if you can even call it that. i was a little surprised when i stepped onto the balcony this morning and saw our first poppy blooming... so pretty.
happy thursday to you xx


shari said...

so pretty. thank you. xo

Cecilia Levy said...

Congratulations, Julie! You won J├Âran!!!

I laughed out loud when I read your name - it's perfect, instead of a book cover you will get a crocheted bird (or maybe both?!)
Hugs from Cecilia

babelfish said...

Oh gosh, what a beautiful poppy.
Enjoy a lovely warm winter, here's hoping the warm weather will keep you cozy and creative :)

louise said...

Very beautiful.

gracia said...

Lucky you... a poppy in bloom is sure to be a good thing. Red poppies mean both pleasure and fantastical extravagance.


Uschi said...

Hi my dear...I'm back and winter's back over here, too.
Looking forward to spring I'm enjoying your poppy!

kelly said...

sharing your warmth...wishing our sun would appear. i know spring's not far away but it can't come quick enough. keeping that pretty poppy in my mind. thank you xxx