lesson 12

this week we took a break from painting and returned to drawing. it was a welcomed return for me. my mood called for something more relaxing.. altho it did turn into quite an intense drawing session. we began with the 2 minute drawings of each other.

then for the drawing on the left, we had to feel our face and draw (blind contour) what we were feeling. i like this idea of emphasising other senses when drawing.
our teacher posed the question: what would it be like to draw with a piece of lemon in our mouth? or our feet in a bucket of ice? how would it affect our work?
the drawing on the right was a blind contour drawing of the teacher as we used the pencil to travel across is face with the pencil.

we then had to draw a close-up of someones ear and continue to finish the head..

and on another note... this weekend we rented a wonderful film called 'once'. the music is so beautiful and the simplicity of the story set in dublin is just perfect. highly recommended!


Janet said...

Once is one of my all time favourite films, magical. You should buy the soundtrack, its awesome! xx

Uschi said...

this blind drawing is one fascinating thing!
Looking at this ear I thought "??" at the first time, but today, in the bus, there was somone with exactly such an ear, :)

Once is on my wishlist for a while now! Thanks for reminding me to see it!