lesson 5

i was excited to get to class today after missing last weeks lesson due to sickness :(
this morning we warmed up with some more quick two minute drawings. this week i put just a few lines down zooming into the figure.

and then we began with paint and 'colour'! this is what ive been waiting for.
among other things, we were told about the book 'the art of color' by johannes itten - apparently the bible on the theory of colour.

we then discussed 'saturation' and had to paint this still life grouping with only one colour - using water to dilute the acrylic paint to create the lightest and darkest shades. an interesting exercise!


gracia said...

Can't beat that delightful contrast between light and dark... and tonal greys. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Julie.

Happy drawing, g xo

Lisa Isaacs said...

Wow! That's amazing. Glad to hear you're feeling better x

Kelly McClorey said...

ooo hope you're feeling better! (i owe you an email...must catch up soon) what an interesting exercise in your class and your finished piece has captured the shades beautifully. so glad you're enjoying yourself! hugs xxx