friday morning

this morning i was alone at home.
a mug of coffee. radio. some drawing.
just lovely.

this morning the sky was beautiful blue and the sun was shining. is it really december?
the happy treetops make me smile on the walk to nursery.

i think i like the simple line drawing better than the finished inked drawing.

i wish you all a wonderful weekend xx


Anonymous said...

I like how the drainpipe looks so real. Little details.

Carol Feldman said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog...otherwise, I wouldn't know you were here. Nice looking blog...and I like the simple line drawing, too. Looks as tho you are enjoying the art class. I have always wanted to take a class there, but get too inhibited by the Hebrew.

Keep in touch!

Lisa Isaacs said...

Lovely drawing. Nice to see you had a relaxing Friday morning! Sounds wonderful!

shari said...

looks like a fun morning. love the drawing. xo

lisa s said...

hello julie... i think i like the simple line drawing too.
i owe you an email.

just need to gather my thoughts [brain mushy from grading!]

gracia said...

"this morning i was alone at home.
a mug of coffee. radio. some drawing."

Yep... all the hallmarks of a lovely way to start one's day. I long for a similar start to my tomorrow.

take care, g xo

broadcast.poulet said...

i have to say i am having a lot of fun following your journey through your art course. i wish you the best and i hope you are having fun! makes me miss art school.

Kelly McClorey said...

what an idyllic morning! do you ever scan in your line drawings before inking them? i often find that i wished i'd left mine at that stage too so it's good to have a copy : )