drawing and painting for beginners

today i began my course at the tel aviv museum. 'drawing and painting for beginners'. i wasnt sure if i am a beginner but i am not 'without any experience' and im not 'advanced' so i think i fit nicely in this category. also you can never draw too much.

we started off with a still life drawing using pencil. it was supposed to be a quick drawing and we had to draw what we saw. it took me a few minutes to relax but i soon started enjoying it. the teacher is wonderful. full of life and enthusiastic.

we then moved onto quick 2 minute charcoal drawings of one of us as model. (lisa, i thought of you;))

a point was made to not add details and to not draw in the center of the page. i enjoyed the freeness of these drawings.
the teacher talked to us about the drawings of matisse. we looked in a book showing these wonderful drawings and how they developed over time and with much work.

i can see that tuesday is going to be my favourite day of the week!

hope your tuesday is a nice one.
p.s. congratulations to you all in the us!!!


Lisa Isaacs said...

I adore these drawings! They are so free. So pleased you had a good time. I look forward to seeing more each week.

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

oh julie, i am going to love seeing what you do. these are wonderful.

Cecilia Levy said...

sounds like a wonderful course!

lisa s said...

big smile to you julie!!!

2 minutes is a nice long time to capture a gesture. nice idea no details and not in the center of the page! :)

Uschi said...

there is so much life in these quick drawings...Julie, they are brilliant!You've got no problem at all with those human figures, isn't it?
Dance on, girl!

babelfish said...

Fantastic, so looking forward to your sharing from the course (love the idea of drawing something off-center). Loving the human figures, so wonderful.

gracia said...

Oh, yeah! Tuesday's will become a favourite day. Do share more drawings from these days as your course progresses... please.

hugs, g

louise said...

I too am looking forward to seeing all your new work. Looking great so far. xo lj