happy new year!

another long break and I know no-one is visiting over here anymore but i have missed it...
a month and a half ago we packed up and left the suburbian city and moved to a small community on top of a mountain! a new chapter in our life.. one full of new friends, a different way of life and new adventures...

we are renting a house while we build our home and we have a garden which is new to us.


this is where we will be building... a little to the right
we really hope we get to keep the view and the houses in front of us are not built too high. 

what year awaits us?

shana tova


kelly said...

happy new year julie!

of course i am still here visiting...i am just sorry i have been bad at keeping in touch with you my friend. how funny when i think of all the time and things that have hapened since we met through our blogs quite some time ago. your life looks good...the girls look wonderful and your new home plans so exciting. what a view!!

blogging seems to have changed. or have we? i keep trying to dip my toe back in then take big breaks...but i always like coming back and seeing the familiar names popping up with new posts. really happy to see yours today!

looking forward to sharing more and keeping in touch again. elsa is about to begin playschool a few mornings a week. i have been thinking it will give me more time to indulge in creative projects but those few hours will whizz by i'm sure. but i'll try ;)

sending much love and best wishes xXx kelly.

amisha said...

happy new year to you julie! i have missed you... so nice to see your words here today.
the new space where you are building your house looks beautiful! and so peaceful. i hope that the process goes smoothly and wish you much happiness in the new space!
sending you hugs,