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for me one of the best things about having my blog is the amazing friendships i have made. these connections with people are precious to me. lovely maditi is one of these people and we have kept in contact although she stopped blogging a while ago. i miss opening up her site to see her stunning photographs.

if you know maditi, you will agree with me when i say she has impeccable taste and a beautiful sense of style. and so modest too. 

maditi and her sister eva opened an online shop selling vintage pieces. there are so many beauties to choose from! the styling is gorgeous and seems to accentuate the stories behind the objects. such a pleasure to wander round.

visit jumble.

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gracia said...

Yes, it is the friendships made that I love about blogging too, Julie. We've been at this a while, no? Tinkering at the keys, sharing artwork and tales.

Off to explore the link to dear Madit and Eva's online store. I'm intrigued.

g xo