arctic portraits

grizzly bear


musk ox

dall sheep


polar bear

i have always frowned upon watercolours thinking they were only used in 'pretty' landscapes. with my youngest running around, not yet 2 years old, and no extra room to spread out and paint with oils i decided to try watercolours. it took a while and a good  few sheets of watercolour paper before i got into them. i still have a way to go but i love the idea of the layering. the patience part is still a little problematic as i want to dive in with the deeper colours..

i have really enjoyed the process and have moved from arctic portraits to human ones :)

happy thursday!


last day of may said...

julie the light in these is fantastic! it is a thrill to see your new work and in terms of medium so different for you...but they are a joy. the caribou is my favourite. please will you look in to selling prints of these? pretty please?? you have such a lovely collection here. high five to your creativity mrs!! x

Uschi said...

Julie!! Hello!!
So good to *see* you!
I'm cuious about how the arctic is linked to your mind but as arctic is all about white:
It's amazing how you're managing the whiteness in your watercolours, something I always find hard to deal with.
Your portraits are great!!!!

hila said...

these are amazing, I wish I could paint as well as you! I've always found oil paints the trickiest, but I guess that's because I have little experience with them. I'd love to see your human watercolour portraits :)

lisa s said...

gorgeous julie !!

Cally said...

They are gorgeous, I'm a sucker for Arctic creatures any way and something about the watercolour adds to the feeling of them being from a place of so much water, albeit frozen much of the time.

Kristina said...

Oh my gosh! These are mesmerising!! I love them! I once tried watercolours for my art exam but they didn't look good! But these are lovely, I really like them. They're almost celestial (is that how you spell it?) in the their nature.