new project

i have started working on some preliminary drawings for a new project. i am really interested in the bedouin citizens and their housing structures. the simple way they live, the way these structures relate to the landscape - form and colour and their simplicity. these are also connected to my obsession with urban structures/buildings..i cant wait to further explore these subjects and start painting.

this image is from my archive folder - taken a few months ago - its a structure built by the scouts near where we live.  I just love the form created by the simple logs and fabric.


kelly said...

this is great julie! and what an intriguing structure. i got to see quite a lot of bedouin life when my folks lived in the middle east and like you it captured my imagination. really looking forward to seeing this project unfold for you. enjoy! x

lisa s said...

what a great idea ! can't wait to see more!

Uschi said...

this is very very interesting!
These homes, so delicate and fragile
and albeit a home.
It's a way to have a home that relates much more to nature and the ever lasting circle of life than our massive buildings.
A beautiful project!

Big big hug!

gracia said...

Beautiful drawings and a wonderful idea. I am with Lisa, I cannot wait to see more.

be well, g xo

louise said...

Lovely drawings, can't wait to see more and where this idea leads you. Fantastic. xo lj

Seán O'Brien said...

Enjoyed this blog's art!