zadok ben-david

last weekend we visited the tel aviv museum of art to make the last day of the much talked about exhibition of zadok ben-david - 'human nature'. the queues were unbelieveably long but as we went with little hili, we were allowed to jump the queue :). i was so upset when i realised i'd forgotten my sd card and had to take photos using my cellphone (hence the poor quality).

the exhibition was quite wonderful. it began with the 'blackfield' installation. 20,000 laser-cut steel floral silhouettes standing in a bed of sand. they are black on one side. as you walk down the side they seem to disappear and on their reverse side, rainbow colours appear. magical!!!

the larger sculptures were no less amazing. large cut-out figures whose bodies are filled in with tree foliage. after the initial viewing, you realise there is more than first meets the eye. beautiful!


Uschi said...

oh Julie, this is beautiful!
How tiny and delicate and fragile.
As if it would be a reminder for us to be aware of how fragile our "paper-world" really is!
I realised that it is steel...but it doesn't look solid at all!

Dear...I'm so busybusy at the moment!
Will mail soon!!


gracia said...

Such intricate work, so fine and detailed. I wish I could have come along in your pocket with your mobile phone. It looks a magical show. Very inspiring, I am sure.

babelfish said...

So beautiful, unique and so you! I wish I could see this in person.

Handmade in Israel said...

Great exhibition! I am so glad that you got to see it too.

gracia said...

Hi there Julie,
How are things in your pocket of the world... it feels an age since I heard from you. Hope you and your family are all keeping well.
g xo