august adventures

this past friday morning we met up with visiting friends in tel aviv for breakfast. after catching up and comparing life in new york with here we took off for a walk (in the scorching heat)..

we went down bialik street to take some photos.. bialik is considered israels national poet. his house has been turned into a museum and we went to take a peek inside.

on saturday we went to an exhibition. the exhibition 'natural history museum' "borrows visual patterns and images from the natural history museum, "shifting" them into the world of art." I found it wonderfully interesting and intriguing!! ella is still a little young but it was interesting to see shellys reaction to the installations.

i particularly liked the work of deganit stern schocken (which made me think a little of lisa) and talya tokatly.
this skeleton created using plastic chairs by uriel miron is just beautiful.
happy august! xx


Uschi said...

I can already see one of your drawings/paintings in the second photo...
...and like to read about Bialik, who's name I've never heard before!
A beautiful house, where he had lived!

kelly said...

i can sense the intense heat from the snippets of sky in your photos! your august looks like it's off to a fun start : ) and the exhibition looks amazing! Xx

lisa s said...

i wish i could have spent the day with you!

schocken's work is really interesting...

gracia said...

I agree with Lisa, I'd like to tag along, too.


babelfish said...

More wanderlust, I would love to visit Tel Aviv one day.

louise said...

I always love seeing your photos and hearing from you more about your home town. Sounds like you had a lovely day.