lesson 18

nearly there - i am not going to 'fill in' the whole painting - i like the idea of keeping it alive.
i think the face looks rather raw but i am so proud of myself that i didnt go into all the little details. definitely a learning process. looking at it now, i realise that i have cut out half of the forehead.. to be fixed.


lisa s said...

love the upper left corner... :)

it's good to not go into all the details -- i agree....

Uschi said...

it's wonderful Julie....especially if I look at the "bigger" picture.
Your neighbour looks a bit tensed on the photo and you greatly captured that in your painting.
I'm curious about what you still want to "do" with it.
Only thing I miss up to now is a small light in the eyes...
Big sunlight-greetings!

gracia said...

Yes, I agree, some of the time it is very good not to go into all the details. Very good indeed. Great to see the progression... and amazing what you see when you step away and view the work as a whole. Not being afraid to make corrections and to reestablish areas is a huge achievement.

g xo

babelfish said...

There's so much detail here, love it,
(the shading is brilliant)!