new work

hello friends,

the last year has not been too fruitful on the creative side but i am so excited and happy to begin 2009 with some new personal projects, a colaboration and several new ideas that have been brewing for a while. its time to bring them alive and the creatives energies are high up there on the scale.
i have begun this painting which will be part of a series but this is more of a 'draft' as i am putting into practise some of the points my teacher made. i am not sure of mediums to use - acrylic or gouache? i would love to hear your thoughts on different mediums.

i would also like to say a big thank you for emails and comments from friends.
have a lovely weekend. ours will include some quiet family time. xx


shari said...

this new work is blowing me away. so good!!! hope your weekend is fun. xox

Kelly McClorey said...

this really is a special time for you creatively...and it's so great to it gather speed day by day! you sound super-happy!! xxx

risa said...

i'm sorry i've been away for awhile...
i owe you an email to explain why...
but i've been bad about email too.
gotta get on it.
i love your new work.

babelfish said...

Love how your work is coming on, the colours and shapes are so beautiful. Can't wait to hear all about your new projects and new found creative energy (I owe you an email)...

louise said...

I've never mastered the art of medium use or acrylics for that matter, so I can't pass on much advice, except experiment, experiment, experiment. Keep enjoying your creative wave. xo lj

Uschi said...

this is realy realy beautiful! I like the soft and friendly colours!
What did you use here, watercolour?
If you would use acrylic you'd have both options: the transparent and the bold colours!
Hurray to the burning creative fire...would you send me a spark to light my own one?? ;)