lesson 7 & 8

in last weeks lesson we worked on a still life - beginning with a layer of white and after it was dry added layers of colour. i was having a bad morning and it took me a while ot get into it but did enjoy the boldness and painting with a large brush - a way i dont usually work.

for yesterdays lesson we were told to bring in a photo to work with. i wasnt sure what to bring in so i bought a selection and chose the lady in pink.

we started off with some sketches to determine the the size of the painting, the format and the composition. i liked how the subject comes up quite small within the frame. i started drawing her ready for painting next week.

we also looked at the work of belgian artist luc tuymans - another new to me artist whose work i really like. he uses a lot of photography techniques in his work (cropping, close-ups and framing). i love the plains of colour and the minimalistic look his paintings have.


Anonymous said...

What fun!
Happy new year!!

Handmade in Israel said...

Looking good! You have so much talent, Julie.

Kelly McClorey said...

what a cool photo! i just love it...and can see why you'd want to paint her. it makes me smile. can't wait to see how it progresses. been thinking of you. will email soon i promise! xxx

babelfish said...

I love the second painting, the bold strokes and colours are wonderful! Can't wait to see how the pink lady turns out...loving the developments from your course.

maditi said...

I´ve always loved the lady in pink :)
beautiful work as always.