lesson 3

i dont have anything too exciting to show from todays lesson which we began with a reminder from last week - a quick drawing looking only at the shadows in a still life. a series of exercises which are familiar to me but still i am happy to go over the drawing basics.

the teacher then built a new set up using the easels piled on top of one another and we had to draw only the negative spaces.

he then asked us to take 4 different sizes of paper from A1 down to A4 and gave us 2 minutes to for each piece of paper to draw a still life. i got a little frustrated with the changes in size and it was so interesting to see how everyone else changed sizes with the different sizes of paper. 2 minutes isnt long enough to think through what you are doing and you draw intuitively. some people drew on each page half the scale of the paper and some drew different scales on each page...

i think the biggest thing i took from this lesson is thinking about composition more - something i need to learn about. i naturally put everything in the center of the paper, all nice and neat. also with photographs, i usually center whatever im looking at. the teacher keeps emphasising the use of the edge of the paper and moving the subject to the edge. it creates a more dynamic picture and i get it!

a funny coincidence - last week while on the train i drew this woman. i only had a pencil on me so the image is quite faint. this morning on the train, in a different carriage, the same woman sat in the same place in relation to me as last time so i drew her again!!

i hope your tuesday is going well.


gracia said...

Ah, yes, the still-life and capturing an ellipse formed by a cup or a bowl... it's never a simple affair, is it? Notoriously tricky, I'd say.

Enjoy your Tuesday, or what remains of it, friend.


risa said...

hi julie!
jordan loves drawing people on the train.
maybe one day you can draw each other.

Kelly McClorey said...

negative space? gotta love that exercise!! and your train sketches are wonderful! you've got to keep us up to date with these treats please! xxx

babelfish said...

Oh, the composition thing is so true! I often put everything in the centre too, but love images showing legs or objects to the edge (I need to try that more)...thanks for the reminder.