one of my obsessions are roots. its their connection to trees and im sure theres more to it!
i was thinking about sharis paths this week and thought that roots can also be seen as a series of paths - each leading off from another.

it reminds me of the obvious - the constant questioning of which paths to follow in life.

follow some more paths...

{while on the subject of trees, thank you so much to uschi for this xx}


babelfish said...

This is so beautiful, and such a strong metaphor. The origins and need to constantly absorb 'knowledge' to grow and make it!

Uschi said...

when I started my apprenticeship I had to draw a tree -it was a kind of psychological testing: the shape of your tree should show the development of my personality.
I was lucky to see all the trees that had be drawn afterwards and there were so big differences.
There were trees which only had a crown and others which only had roots and a very small crown.
When I was a teen, I loved this single standing trees with there mighty crowns and those two, standing together, and haveing one crown together...the perfect symbol for a good partnership.
They also cross there roots while growing like this!
For me it's important, that the tree is well balanced over and under "the horizon". And that relates to what you say about the different ways to follow and walk.

Did I already say, that I love trees? ;)

shari said...

roots are like paths. ;) love this. xo

julie said...

thank you for your comments B, Uschi and Shari.

Uschi - yes, i know this idea of drawing a tree and how it represents us. shelly told me they were recently asked to drw one in class. i eagerly asked what she drew :). I think my tree is constantly changing with my mood and feeling. i like your idea of a well balanced tree above and below the ground line.