i purchased this rather big book 'history of art' a good few months ago - enthusiastic to teach myself just that. of course it ended up on the top shelf of our modest 'library' looking impressive in its size with its long gold ribbon... but it remained unopened.

this week i opened the book to the introduction feeling a little overwhelmed. so much text in relation to images! do people really read these books? are they used only for the odd reference?

i have never studied art out of high school and my knowledge of the subject is limited to personal enthusiasm. i have been drawing and painting since i was 4 feeling a deep passion for creative expression. when i was doing the weekly art enrichment class with seven year old yuval, i learnt so much and enjoyed doing the research each week.

so coming back to my opening of the book and feeling intimidated with my ignorance... i realised that i know a lot more than i thought i did.

"the fact that art is a complex and in many ways mysterious human activity about which even the experts can hope to offer only tentative and partial conclusions can be taken as confirming the belief that "i dont know anything about art." but are there really people who know nothing about art?"

learning more about the history of art will help me feel more a part of this world, will inspire and will give me more confidence and focus in my own work.


shari said...

i took a few art history classes in college and i loved them. t's parents are both docents at a musuem and they are constantly reading big books like this to brush up on an artist for an exhibition. enjoy your reading and exploring! xox

lilie-melo said...

I've seen you have a new blog on flickr. It looks great. All my wishes for this new beginning and for the art class.
I love myself to look at my old and impressive art books and to read few pages, and I love to discover some new ones too... it's a constant source of inspiration.

Uschi said...

we've a museum over here which follows my intention that it is good to be able to compare different styles/epochs to learn about the differences. They have f.e. a room full of portraits of different epochs.Superbe!
I had art-history during college (I focused on art)and I loved it,too. Currently I enjoy it bit by bit...just the amount it needs to understand something better.
Tell me, how it's going on...

Kelly McClorey said...

i remember this book from my a' level. and i appreciate that feeling of intimidation. how great that you are now in a place when you have a connection with the world of art and want to enrich your creativity by studying it's history. enjoy + celebrate! x

louise said...

I love your new space, looks great. Glad to hear you're enjoying your new book. xo lj

gracia said...

Such a rewarding feeling to discover that you know more than you initially thought, isn't it?

Wishing you many extended hours of reading and making and thinking and more, g xo